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    Sunny Beach

    I was there last year for 2 weeks all-inclusive the hotel was in the big water park. It was a great holiday busy as hell and its a huge resort loads of cheap beer and the food is fine.
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    Relegation ?

    Tbf he's in a situation where he's got 5 1/2 years left on his contract so he wont resign but he knows he's not good enough so he's putting himself through a living hell and damaging his home town club in the process. Ashley is behind all of this of course but Carver won't leave because of money...
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    Weekend bets/ tips

    Bloke in the bookies just put £1000 on Arsenal at 4/6
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    I pay £145.45 a year for Top Gear as its the only thing I watch on the BBC
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    1.30 Vautour 2.05 Dawalan 2.40 Eduard 3.20 Whisper e/w lucky 15
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    Champagne fever today lads
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    A good day
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    I've. Lumped on faugheen every time I've seen 2/1 so that's my big Cheltenham tip this year
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    Renewal Time For Me

    That's a tranny Bob
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    Renewal Time For Me

    Just to muddy the waters a little I've had an HTC for over a year now and it's the best phone I've ever had sky go works perfect, (not like on some smart phones) android apps for dodgy streams for the match work great with the front facing speakers and mine actually works for making phone calls...
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    Lee Ryder - A Disgrace

    There is a story in the Scottish daily record (i have the app) this morning about their reporter breaking into the hospitality suite during last night's match against hibs, he took photos ate prawn sarnies and took great pleasure in gloating in front of lambshite, Ryder just licks boots, it...
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    .. yous cnuts ..

    It's unbelievable how angry those constant full stops make me.
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    A fight

    Fuck paccio v mayweather I want to see this match up the nee big sisters rule will be hard to control tho
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    .. yous cnuts ..

    Fuckin full stops
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    New Manager - John Carver

    Carver is perfect for Ashley, he has already openly stated that he wants nothing to do with transfers either in or out and its none of his business who the club buy or sell he just coaches the team because Gary speed and sir Bobby came to him in a dream and told him that's what he had to do...