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    Self Diagnosis Isolation Corvid-19

    Why are'nt pharmacies in the community being used to vaccinate (Oxford type) folk,i have an idea,that there is just not enough vaccine to go around,contrary to what the :clown:'s say.
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    MATCH DAY THREAD : Burnley v The Mighty Blades

    4-0 to Burnley ......Woods and Rodriguez one of those two will get three goals.
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    Wilder Words
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    A deal has been done,stop creaming yer pants,no one knows whats in the detail yet. The French can keep on stealing our prawns for another five years.
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    Media to Blame for Panic Buying

    I cringed the other day,on RS news bulletin,they cant help themselves can they > Sainsburys are reporting that there will be a shortage on the shelves of lettuce etc and citrus fruits,in the next few day IF the port of Dover remains closed. What do you see on TV the next day EMPTY shelves in...
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    January Signings

    At the chemist yesterday i saw on a shelf a spunk virality test kit,it was like a small plastic white strip with a groove in it.
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    Hamilton wins SPOTY

    Well deserved.
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    John Lundstram - GET THE FUCK OUT OF SUFC

    That means it was a foul then Chips.
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    Self Diagnosis Isolation Corvid-19

    I was supervised after i had the Flu vac for 5 mins they wanted to see if i had an allergic reaction,that was this years vac done at my local Chemist,the previous years Flu vac which was done at my Doctors,she stuck the needle in and just said of you trot. I will be in the 65 to 70 Covid vaccine...
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    John Lundstram - GET THE FUCK OUT OF SUFC

    Could you do another one of those just a few frames further on. In case you cant i will describe what happens next,the momentum of lunging Lundtrums follow thru takes his foot straight onto the Brighton players ankle,no ifs or buts. Its the type of tackle he has done (when it suits him) all...
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    Self Diagnosis Isolation Corvid-19

    #1465 my views and others it seems. And as of Sunday 20th. Too late for that,the Clowns :clown: that are running this country are dong their level best to spread this virus across the country with the latest intervention in the south east. T4. Johnson mocking Starmer about cancelling Xmas...
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    MATCH DAY THREAD : Brighton v The Mighty Blades

    Well if Tuftys pet rabbit is in goal,that means a guaranteed goal or two for Brighton,so its another loss coming.
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    Jesse Lingaard?

    You saw my thread on S2 ? you even spelt his name the same way as i spelt it with two a's,i posted even before "pundits" got wind.
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    Blades 2 Man Utd 3 - report

    Get Verrips in goal at Brighton,but Wilder wont drop his golden child will he no matter how many mistakes he does. Jagielka is becoming an outfield Grimsdale,that was one of Wilders weirdest substitutions he has made putting him on for Berge.