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    Back of the Net - Plymouth vs Imps

    18 With A Bullet
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    QUIZ: Lincoln City v Plymouth Argyle (27/02/2021) - Can You Get All 10 Correct? - HAVE A GO!

    Well that was exceptional - not! 1/10 after getting the first one right!
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    India v England

    Just seen the England team - 3 main seamers, 1 specialist spinner. India have 2 spinners in the first session, we may have got that wrong?
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    India v England

    Crawley, who looks class, and Root building a nice steady partnership but spinners already. Balls. Root lbw. Was going to say spinners already getting turn and bounce and Ashwin turned that one a long way. I'll now shut up!
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    Starting XI v Plymouth Argyle?

    Indeed - but not sure Sam Long is ready for a baptism of fire yet! After MA's post match comments some of the training for the rest of the week might include a refresh of passing and kicking in clearing out from the back after Alex's two recent brain farts.
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    Starting XI v Plymouth Argyle?

    Hopper has been our key player recently and must start, we struggle to retain the ball when he's not playing. Palmer Poole Montsma Jackson Edun Sanders McGrandles Grant Scully Hopper Rogers TJ has looked jaded since his return from illness and will benefit from more time to recover. I'd...
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    This so cool!

    BBC Newsnight can show brilliant pics from Mars but can't get the accompanying interview from Shoreditch!
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    We need to talk about...

    I think our ball retention from throws has been pretty good this season, they have a set way of doing it and it usually works. Swindon hustled the receiver and thrower, who generally receives the return pass, and the method was less secure tonight.
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    We need to talk about...

    Too many flicks and tricks, which didn't work, tonight. Possibly an aspect of MA's arrogant comment? It can work, like the first goal at Gillingham -- from a nice bit of ball retention after a throw.
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    Democracy in the UK...

    And Labour had Jeremy Corbyn.
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    Rate The Players v Swindon Town

    Interesting to do this after hearing MA's interview, hopefully he'll get the response he wants on Saturday. Palmer 5 - woeful error for the 2nd goal, redeemed by 2 good saves 2nd half. Eyoma 5- not at his best, still shaking off after effects of illness? Didn't see first goal, TJ complicit...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    Absolutely. It's been a sensational season. No season runs smooth and so far, there's been no sustained dip in form - or they've been able to drag out results when form has been off. A point tonight puts us a point further ahead of Hull, Accrington and a fading Charlton, for instance. Those of...
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    Who Was Your Man of The Match v Swindon Town?

    Many times this season, it's been a hard choice because of the quality of the team performance. Hard tonight, because everyone had a bad night. Hopper's was the least worst and gets my vote. Jackson ran him close but was part of a defence wobblier than a jelly at times tonight.
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    Rate the Ref : Home to Swindon 23.02.2021

    5 Disappointed with this emerging star. For me the yard pinching and time wasting went unpunished. Fussy about balls. Got pen(s) and most fouls right. Nearly a fine assist!
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    We need to talk about...

    Hes had a couple of wobbly games for distribution recently. In my eyes he actually finished in credit tonight with those saves in the second half.