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    Leeds United v Aston Villa Match Thread - Sat 27 Feb @ 5.30pm - Sky

    Solid win today. We missed Jack in the second half there. He would have held up the ball in their half. Excellent defensive performance.
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    In fairness, they are getting the vaccinations out at such a rate that it doesn't really matter who gets what first. Roughly 1/3 already have it. When it gets to 2/3, I believe that's herd immunity.
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    High Street Stores & Other Businesses At Risk

    Food price inflation is up 6.25% in Malaysia. Oil is up. Most commodities are up. Still, the government will tell you that there is no inflation.
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    Not a big fan of the monarchy. Nothing personal against the queen or any of them (apart from Andrew). It's the least she could do.
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    I hate what the world is becoming

    I find that one so strange. I can only assume that it's Hasbro trying to generate some publicity for an obsolete toy.
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    High Street Stores & Other Businesses At Risk

    I thought ASDA was owned by Wallmart or Target or one of those American companies.
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    It's interesting that BAME people and Brexit supporters have high levels of vaccine scepticism. It's almost as if they have something in common. Something that goes beyond skin colour.
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    Dalian Atkinson

    Good article. I never knew anything about Dalian's personal life. I was a teenager when he played for us. I remember him being inconsistent and not being able to work out why he was so good some weeks and so bad others.
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    The All New TV Thread

    I see Fraser is being rebooted. I was a big fan back in the day. I wonder if the new one can still be as funny.
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    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    We have an oven. We also have a toaster-oven/grill. We don't have a toaster though. I have to toast my bread in the toaster-oven. If it was up to me, we'd just have an oven and a toaster like normal people but I stay out of kitchen issues.
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    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    I went out today.
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    It's funny, isn't it? Working class issues are being repackaged as BAME issues and are being blamed on endemic racism but when the SJWs go looking for said endemic racism, they can't find it so they end up attacking anyone who misspeaks online. It's like an overly sensitive immune system...
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    Aston Villa Working With WM Police To Stamp Out Hate Crime

    I suspect the police are wasting their time here. I'm not saying that the issue is trivial or unimportant but it's difficult to catch these people and even when you do catch them, what's the appropriate punishment for being a **** on the internet? It's probably kids off 4chan trying to wind...
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    Are Villa In A Slump Or Are Expectations Now Wildly Unachievable

    You can make all of the excuses you want, @mike_field but we all know that if we had a better manager, better players, better training, better tactics and a much higher budget, we'd win the league easily.
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    The Business/Finance/Economics Thread

    GME is off again.