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    Match Thread: Portsmouth v Lincoln City

    Wonderful win. Hull and Peterborough drop points too. Very proud of our pub team. UTI
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    The EFL Trophy Draw Thread

    Ah! Imagine! The mighty Sunderland playing against their favourite pub team at Wembley!
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    The EFL Trophy Draw Thread

    Three games with Hull in the next few weeks now. It is like waiting for buses. Years without a match and now this. Hull seem a funny team. They lose to teams like Fleetwood, Blackpool and Shrewsbury, and then beat Portsmouth, after losing to them at home. Hope history repeats on Tuesday, as...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Northampton Town

    Splendid result. Promotions are won through late goals that turn draws into wins. Two big games to come this week. Portsmouth is a freebie now they lost today and we won. We are due a result against Doncaster after the robbery at the Keepmoat last season and the tight game earlier this. UTI
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Gillingham

    It is disappointing that the game is off, but we would have played several more home games than away after the next couple of weeks, so at least this balances home and away games up a bit better later in the season. Disruption seems to be the order of the day at the moment, so I suppose...
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    Today's League One Match Thread (16/01/2021)

    Nothing to be too concerned about today. Hull and Accy have dropped points. We have had a day off too, so hopefully two good results this week will pull us away again. Not a bad day when we havent played but are still top. Exciting times. UTI
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    Today's League One Match Thread (09/01/2021)

    Shrewsbury away, Gillingham home, Northampton home are the next 3 league games. Hopefully Shrewsbury won't get the same chance to sit back next week. A great chance to get some good points on the board. It would certainly help with some tough games to end the month, and enter February with. You...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Peterborough United

    Lincoln will be disappointed not to get three points, but when you think about the coronavirus in the club, missing players, early Peterborough goal and missed penalty, then it is still a good point. Peterborough are the same gap behind and we move on. Great season so far. Keep going! UTI
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    10 Points behind Lincoln

    The league one table looks great tonight. Whilst far bigger and better teams than our pub outfit! are missing games for coronavirus or frozen pitches, we are quietly getting on with picking up great results. I would much rather have points on the board. Peterborough will no doubt come to Lincoln...
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    10 Points behind Lincoln

    Fantastic result for Lincoln today. Since Sunderland beat our pub team, Sunderland have dropped two points at home to Wimbledon and two points at Northampton. I forgot their draw against Burton too. Keep going City - nothing wrong with going under the radar. Who knows what 2021 will bring. UTI...
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    Our Fishy Friends

    Could it be that John Fenty is a secret Lincoln City supporter? What a complete shambles of a club they are. Grimsby hook a proven manager in Ian Holloway, sign a Pollock, and then Holloway throws them back into the water again. Grimsby Town could become an endangered species, if they...
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    FA Cup First Round

    Answers on a postcard :)
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    FA Cup First Round

    Lots of good history and memorable moments from this fixture. You can stick your vegan burgers........!
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    What will Appleton achieve now?

    Target 1 - Still have a football club in summer 2021. Target 2 - League One survival. Target 3 - Some young players look like being sold to teams in the leagues above. There has never been a season, in my lifetime, with so many unknowns. In 2020/21, Coronavirus, job losses / economic slump...
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    Cowleys sacked

    Whatever happens, the cowleys can sit back today and count a sizeable redundancy package. They are financially secure now so well done to them. Wouldnt we all like that!! Of course they will get another job in time. In all probability, it will be with a bigger club than lincoln and one which is...