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    Rainbow Ambassador appointed

    Question is.............. Which costume will he choose?
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    MATCH DAY THREAD : Fulham v The Mighty Blades

    Sounds like I did the right thing tonight giving this game a miss. Never thought I would say this, but I couldn't have cared less about the result. I'm hibernating until August. :sleep:
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    MATCH DAY THREAD : Fulham v The Mighty Blades

    I don't think I care anymore this season. I'll have a look at the final score but won't be watching.
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    Shouldn’t laugh

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    From what I have seen this season. We would have finished at best mid table in the championship. There is no way we are bouncing straight back up.
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    So, strict new rules for people arriving in the UK have been announced BUT....

    Meanwhile. Travellers from the UK, South Africa and Brazil are prohibited from entering Spain without a ten-day quarantine if they are not nationals, and exemption has not been granted for football games. Real Sociedad v Man United in the EL will now be played in Turin, with no confirmation of...
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    A sign of the times

    It was a png file changed it to jpg and all's well.
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    A sign of the times

    Sorted FKB, changed file to jpg No words needed:cry:
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    Who Did YOU Sign For On January Transfer Deadline Day

    Torquay for 10k heard it's nice, I've never been.
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    MATCH DAY THREAD : Manchester City v The Mighty Blades

    I get what people are saying re if we had gone for it "gung ho" we would have probably been slaughtered. But the game was awful to watch for me. Apart from the last 10 mins with Flecks shot we never threatened at all. There were long spells in the 2nd half where we could not even get a kick of...
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    the wonders of sheffield united

    After watching Sevilla beat Valencia 3-0 to go through to the last 8 of the Spanish cup there was no way I was going to spoil my evening watching us get humiliated. So we switched off the tv, opened a bottle of Rioja, put some music on and played cards. I couldn't help myself having a sneaky...
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    January Signings

    Barca are more skint than us. Could be some bargains coming up, shame we can't afford the wages. Just released their accounts. Plus they owe 126 million euros to other clubs in unpaid transfer fees o_O
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    Luton Shelton

    That link to the newspaper takes me back. Years ago we were driving through the Jamaican countryside, in the middle of nowhere when we saw an old wooden shack /come shop at the side of the road. We decided to stop and get a couple of cold drinks. After paying for 2 bottles of pop I asked the old...
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    Luton Shelton

    What sad news. Rip Luton
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    The where and with what we'll finish prediction thread.

    Bottom. 9 points