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    Colchester Ticket Sales

    Need to reduce gap between fans. At spurs v West Ham today a game with real rivalry and hatred towards one another they had a gap of 2 seats and a steward
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    Rate the ref v Mansfield Town (Home)

    He was referee in checkertrade final
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    Rate the ref v Northampton Town F A Cup (home)

    Graham Salisbury is Michaels father
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    Lincoln City v Milton Keynes Dons - Experienced Premier League Referee Appointed

    All 4 Officials tomorrow are on the premier league list
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    I meant Marcus Marshall
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Match observer today at Matlock v South Shields. Marcus Jackson Adam smith lee beavers craig westcarr Richard Walton all played for Matlock who were beaten 3-0. They were collectively awful. Dave Frecklington and Terry Fleming have got a big job on there to keep them in that league
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    FAO Clive,Liam or Ian!!! We are loosing thousands of pounds and driving our fans to DRINK....

    Get down too Trent bridge to see how it is done
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    Evans and Raynor at Peterborough.

    Woodyard was totally exposed yesterday when Donny scored. No pace whatsoever
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Todd Jordan played centre half for Stockbridge park steels against Lincoln United yesterday . Lost 2-1
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    Chesterfield had to pay compensation to Woking as he was under 24. Scored 11 goals from midfield last season
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    Stags and Sheffield Wednesday

    Only repeating his twitter status on stags net
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    Stags and Sheffield Wednesday

    Forresteri called Kyrstian Pearce a n__gg_r that sparked it off
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    Im Very Worried.

    We play Grimsby very early on in the season so will be looking how they set up. Also Batch was immense. Absolute nut case in Murphys mission
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    Summer Transfer Rumours

    The last 2 seasons we have been dead on our feet at the end of the season so it is important that we have a sizeable squad in order for rotation and players keeping fresh
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    Andy Warrington grimesby goalkeeping Coach!

    The club seems to still have a long way to go re communication on what’s happening at the club