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    This should be a warning to the current squad that the grass is not always greener elsewhere. Thats woodyard and wáterfall where there careers have gone backwards since leaving. Woodyard or his agent were desperate for a move over a number of transfer windows.
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    Everton tickets

    Portsmouth v Birmingham was also shown last week
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    New signing

    Perhaps Frecklington could give him some of his over inflated salary since he is never available
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    Match Thread: Scunthorpe United v Lincoln City

    Disagree sedgkey the total support staff over this preseason has grown again.
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    Match Thread: Scunthorpe United v Lincoln City

    I would like to know just how much money we are paying for support staff. On Wednesday night every time some one needed treatment 2 physios came on the pitch and neither was Mike Hine. Do we really need this many support staff for such a small squad
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    Community Festival of Lincolnshire Football Match Thread

    Frecklington will probably go down as the worst signing the Cowley,s have made. Costing us a fortune in wages and never available
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    Colchester Ticket Sales

    Need to reduce gap between fans. At spurs v West Ham today a game with real rivalry and hatred towards one another they had a gap of 2 seats and a steward
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    Rate the ref v Mansfield Town (Home)

    He was referee in checkertrade final
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    Rate the ref v Northampton Town F A Cup (home)

    Graham Salisbury is Michaels father
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    Lincoln City v Milton Keynes Dons - Experienced Premier League Referee Appointed

    All 4 Officials tomorrow are on the premier league list
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    I meant Marcus Marshall
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Match observer today at Matlock v South Shields. Marcus Jackson Adam smith lee beavers craig westcarr Richard Walton all played for Matlock who were beaten 3-0. They were collectively awful. Dave Frecklington and Terry Fleming have got a big job on there to keep them in that league
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    FAO Clive,Liam or Ian!!! We are loosing thousands of pounds and driving our fans to DRINK....

    Get down too Trent bridge to see how it is done
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    Evans and Raynor at Peterborough.

    Woodyard was totally exposed yesterday when Donny scored. No pace whatsoever
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Todd Jordan played centre half for Stockbridge park steels against Lincoln United yesterday . Lost 2-1